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About Us
Kids4barackobama.com is an organization which is focused on providing parents with specific information to ensure our kids have the essential tools to be successful today and in the future.

The goal of the organization is to make sure kids in the United States of America have the tools to compete on a global basis. The Obama Administration is best positioned to advance the goals of Kids4BarackObama. However, parents must take a leadership role to make sure we are informed about the Obama Agenda, the progress towards goal attainment, and current legislation which will help frame, support, and make the agenda a reality. As part of this group's goal, a basic understanding of history is required to make sure parents are knowledgeable and can engage elected officials at all levels of government in a unique and personal manner.

Since kids are the ultimate focus of the group and many are too young to speak for themselves, the organization carries the mantle of the kids. Hence, the name Kids4BarackObama.
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