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Congress Starts to Think About Families and the Critical Need to Save Homes For Our Kids

The effort to give bankruptcy judges the power to rewrite mortgages (aka “cram-down”) is gaining steam. The banking industry hoped the mortgage "cram-down" measure died when Congress removed it from the $700 billion bailout bill that passed in October. In a cram-down, a judge modifies a loan, often reducing principal so a borrower can afford it. Lenders hate it because they have to absorb the loss. But it has been gathering momentum in Democrat-controlled Washington, as evidence emerges that current voluntary foreclosure-prevention programs are falling short.

President Elect Obama Starts the Process of Meeting with the 111th Congress

The President Elect will be meeting with the leadership of the 111th Congress in advance of the Constitutionally Mandated start scheduled for January 6, 2009. President Elect Obama will focus rolling out his economic stimulus plan (i.e. American Recovery & Reinvestment Plan – ARRP) which may be as large as $1 trillion dollars.

Education Overhaul Expected on Back Burner

President - Elect Obama has recently outlined his top five priorities (economy, energy independence, a health-care overhaul, tax cuts for the middle class, and education). No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has created many challenges and opportunities. As many as 16 states have cut public funding. A recent (2006) OECD survey of 400,000 15 year olds in 57 industrialized countries ranked the U.S. 35th in math and 29th in science.

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